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Automation: Automatic stage move based on conditions

If certain conditions are met, a workflow can be automatically moved to a stage. This feature helps a lot in reducing manual error and manual effort. 

Auto stage move is  available in the Trigger section inside the workflow builder
. To set up a stage move automation for a workflow, click on the workflow and do the following - 

  1. Click 'Edit Flow' button at the top right section and you will be inside 
  2. Click on the 'Triggers' option at the top and click on 'Add trigger' button on the pop-up.

  3. The trigger panel will open from the right side. 
  4. Add Origin: The email will trigger at this point. Like completion of a task, or on change of a task field value. 

  5. Add conditions: Define which conditions need to be met before the E-mail triggers. You can put AND OR logics on task completion/reopening, field values and the E-mail will trigger only if those conditions are met at the defined origin. 

  6. Add the trigger effect as Stage move
    a. Select the trigger effect as 'Move to stage' from the dropdown. 
    b. Choose your desired stage by clicking on the 'Choose stage' dropdown.
So, when at the defined origin the selected conditions will be satisfied, the perform of the workflow will automatically move to the selected stage. 
Once done, add or update the Trigger and you must publish the workflow in order to make the stage move automation to work.