As GoodFlow runs on Workflows and Performs, those texts appears as generally in lots of places. To customize the experience of each workflow, you can easily change the word 'Perform' in couple of places.

Steps to follow

  1. Go inside a workflow by clicking on Workflows option at the left, and you can see all your workflows listed there.

  2. Select the workflow in which you want to rename the task. For example - I have selected 'Daily tasks'.
    Now You will navigate inside the workflow.

  3. In this page, at the top after Workflow name, Settings tab is there. Click on that.

  4. Options related to the current workflow settings will be visible.

  5. Click on the Customize settings option in the left (first time by default it will remain selected).

  6. At the top you can see ‘Rename Perform’ option.

  7. Write the new name of the Perform which you want. You need to write in singular and plural both form. For example: If I want my perform name 'Daily tasks' then its singular form will be 'Daily task' and plural form will be 'Daily tasks'.

  8. Also if you wish to change the 'Perform' button name, you can it from the second option from the top.

  9. Write the new name of the button you want.
    For example: If I want my perform button name 'Add daily task'.

The changes will automatically gets saved on clicking outside and you can see the changes instantly.

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