You can set permissions for a workflow for a member while adding a member or editing a member in a workflow. To do the same, you must be the admin of the workflow. Go to the desired workflow and click on settings tab and you will be able to see the 'Members' menu.

For each workflow, the permissions can be managed separately, which gives you the option to choose who will have access to each of your workflows and how much access they'll have within each of them.

There are 3 types of user roles in a workflow in GoodFlow -

  1. Performer: A 'Performer' can only create new performs, see the performs only they created and the performs they are members of.

  2. Performer + Viewer: A 'Performer + Viewer' can create new performs and can also view performs created by others.

  3. Admin: Admin members will have all the privileges in the workflow. i.e, editing the workflow, adding members in the workflow, creating performs in the workflow, viewing all Performs in the workflow.

See how you can add members in a workflow and set their permissions in this tutorial

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